The Dry River Issue 2: Industry

The Dry River Issue 2: Industry



Issue 2, Spring 2023
The Dry River

13 poems
4 creative nonfiction
2 reported features
4 fiction
4 review

6 x 9
200+ pages

Editor-in-chief/Publisher: Remi Riordan
Managing Editor: Ella Morner-Ritt
Senior Editors: Maya Jenkins and Madelyn Blaney
Designer: Sophie Bankemper Frances

Contributing Writers: Dan Alter, Tuesday Carson, Sofia Ezdina, Ana Reisens, Dennis Williams, Josh Cohen, Sara Selevitch, Becca Young, Elizabeth Burch-Hudson, Hannah Liberman, Charlie Squire, Maura Chen, Maeve Barry, Clarke e. Andros, Fabienne de Cartier, Sarah barash, Sophia de Guzman Rivadeiro, Renée Reizman, Tobias Hess, Hank Sparks

Contributing Artists: Tina Tona, Emily Monforte, Sendra Uebele, Li Ya-Wen, Line Hachem, Lena Redford, Jack Felice

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